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10 Common Misconceptions About Workers Compensation


Workers’ Compensation Claims Aren’t Worth Filing

-Depiste the fact that you think there may be factors disqualifying your claim or you’re unsure of an outcome, there wil likely be additional benefits you’er unaware of. Even if you think you have a “minor” injury, claim are definitely worth filing.

My Employer Will Have My Best Interest At Heart

-No matter how strong of a bond you think you have with your employer, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will look out for you after an injury occurs. The best route to take is to have an experience legal partner who can help navigate the situation and ensure your interest as the top priority.

Independent Contractors Are Never Eligible For Workers’ Comp

-This depend on the situation. There some cases in which an indepdent contractor is eligible for workers’ compensation. It helps to have a good attorney when deciding in these situations.

It’s Not Worth Fighting Denied Claims

-If at first your claim is denied, you have the right to file and appeal and have your case re-examined in another eharing in front of the industrial commission.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Cut And Dry

-There are a number of factors that contribute to a workers’ compensation claim. Each claim has its own unique details and the outcomes and benefits can vary widely for each one. That’s why it vitally important to get an attorney experience in workers’ comensation law.

You Don’t Have Control Over Doctors Chosen To Cover Comp-Covered Injury

-In Ohio, there is no law or regulation that prohibits you from choosing your own doctor for an approved workers’ compensation claim.  

Workers’ Compensation Claims Don’t Cover Consultation; Only Treatment

-It’s a vey common misconception that workers’ compensation covers only medical treatment. This is false. There is no need for you to pay anything out of pocket for medical consultation.

Emergency Medical Services Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

-Given the approval of your claim, emergency room visits and emergency response servioes are both covered benefits of a workers’ compensation claim.

You’re Not Eligible To File Both Personal Injury AND Workers Compensation Claims

-You do in fact have the ability to file both claims. There are different benefits for each.

My Employer Can Fire Me If I Pursue A Workers’ Comp Claim

-Many people who file workers’ compensation claims do so apprehensively due to a fear of being fired after being hurt at work. These indivuduals need not worry because it is in fact illegal for an employer to fire an employee for filing a claim.