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3 Tips to Keep in Mind About Bail Bonds

Us DollarBail has been a part of the United States’ legal system for some time. While it is a regular part of the legal process in many cases, it is important to remember some notable aspects of bail bonds. A bail bond is paid to the courts. A person pays part of the bond themselves, and the bail bondsman pays the rest.

Tip 1: Collateral Can Be Any Resources You Have

Most of the time, a credit card is enough collateral. But you can also use a vehicle you own, real estate, jewelry, or anything that has a high value. Keep this in mind, because if you are in a tight spot or cannot access your credit card, you do have other options. When you get to place a phone call in jail, be sure to phone a family member or friend who can find a bail bond agency and knows what collateral you have.

Remember that in many cases, upon showing up to trial and going through with it, you may get the money or collateral back.

Tip 2: You Can Likely Find a Bail Bond Agency Any Day of the Year

Because anything can happen at any time, many bail bond agencies are open every day. Even if you require a bail bond on Christmas day, you will likely be able to find a bail bond agent somewhere. Remember, when calling that friend or family member, be sure they do their due diligence to find an available agent.

Tip 3: You Cannot Just Get a Bail Bond, You Have to Apply

Every bail bond agency has an application process. This could involve credit checks or questions about the person being bailed out. Some agencies only take on certain types of crimes or clients. Be sure to inquire about premiums as well. This also means potential waiting periods. As such, be sure to start the process early. Being armed with research and resources is a good idea.

While these are three bail bonds tips to keep in mind, always consult with an attorney as soon as possible. They can help guide you through this process and the trial. Be sure to ask them any question early on in the process. Keeping everyone involved and informed ensures the process functions smoothly.