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Probate and Wills estate planning near clevelandIn situations that involve estates and estate planning, it’s best to dictate what happens to your assets.  The alternative is to let the courts decide which can result in lengthy court proceedings for your family.  At Ziccarelli & Martello, our attorneys have the necessary experience to help you make your wills ands trusts.  Our expertise will ensure that they accurately state what will happen to the assets you spent a lifetime building.

Drafting a will or trust

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your estate is too small.  It’s still important to have a will or estate documents created by a trusted estate planning attorney.  These documents can serve a variety of functions including:

  • Naming a guardian for minor children
  • Selecting an independent executor for the estate
  • Creating a trust for grandchildren or family members with special needs

We have many estate planning tools available.  These tools let us direct assets and establish who will make financial and medical decisions in the event that you become incapacitated. Some of these tools include wills, living wills, durable power of attorney for property, health care power of attorney and deeds with right of survivorship.

Our attorneys will guide through the process of creating wills, trusts and estate documents that meet the needs of your specific situation.  Because life situations often change, we can also revise your plan as needed.  An existing estate plan should be reviewed whenever something significant happens in your life like marriage, the birth of a child, divorce or retirement. Our attorneys will ensure that your wills and trusts will effectively carry out your wishes after your death.

Probate Lawyers Serving Cleveland and Mentor, Ohio

Knowledgeable Probate and Succession Lawyers

The probate process is complicated and difficult to comprehend. Probate is the process through which the validity of a deceased individual’s will is determined. However, when someone dies without a will the estate is dealt with in the probate courts.

The state of Ohio has very stringent succession laws that control where property goes after death. Many individuals are surprised to learn that when a spouse dies and a will was not in place, the property is transferred to the children and not to the surviving spouse. At Ziccarelli & Martello, we have the necessary experience and expertise in dealing with the complexities of probate laws in Ohio.

We are experts in the proper handling of succession matters. We know how to properly inform heirs and creditors of the succession plan and how to protect the interest of business owners dealing with succession.

Although a succession can occur without a will, a lot of people are still surprised to find out that in some cases, the inheritance rights of nieces and nephews supersede those of the surviving spouse. Because of this, we strongly advise that people have estate plans that include a will drafted by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

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