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Workers Comp Lawyer near ClevelandWorkers compensation is the oldest insurance program in the United States. It was created to protect people who get injured on the job. Individuals who are injured or disabled on the job are compensated financially, thus eliminating the need for the costly process of litigation. Although there are a few exceptions to coverage, such as self-inflicted injury, horseplay leading to injury, attacking someone else that leads to injury and a few others, almost any other type of injury would be compensated for in the worker’s compensation system.

Although worker’s compensation might eliminate the need for lengthy litigation, it doesn’t eliminate the need for assistance from a trusted worker’s compensation attorney.  Our worker compensation attorneys understand the details of these cases, and can help you get the most from your benefits. 

Obtaining Worker’s Compensation

If you get injured at work, specific guidelines must be met to qualify for benefits:

    • You must be an employee
    • You must have actually been hurt or injured
    • And the injury must have happened on the job

Employers are also required to follow specific guidelines.  Your employer should offer medical treatment and provide you with a claim form within a set amount of time. You can choose a doctor from of an approved list provided by the Worker’s Compensation Commission.  You can also select a doctor that is in the network provided by the employer’s insurance company. Once treatment begins, you can discuss exactly what benefits you are entitled to, if the injury is permanent, and if are you entitled to an impairment rating. Workers compensation benefits begin once you have been out of work for seven days following an injury.

In 2010, Ziccarelli and Martello settled the largest workers’ compensation case in Ohio’s history.

Surprisingly, most employers don’t know how to handle a worker’s compensation claim. As a result, you could find your rights to full treatment or benefits diminished. That’s why it’s crucial to have an experienced worker’s compensation attorney working on your behalf.  Our attorneys will protect your rights to fair compensation.  Our objective is to help you receive compensation so that a full recovery is possible.  If your injury could lead to long-term medical disability, our attorneys will work with you every step of the process.

Obtaining Worker’s Comp Benefits on Your Behalf

worker's compensationYou have to remember that the worker’s compensation insurance companies work for your employer. As such, it is not advisable to allow them to make decisions regarding your medical treatment or other benefits. For example, if additional treatment is needed, the doctor could be influenced by the worker’s compensation insurance company to discharge you and force you to work sooner that you should be.

Ziccarrelli & Martello has been assisting injured workers for over 30 years in the Northeast Ohio area.  We have extensive experience in representing individuals before the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation and the Industrial Commission of Ohio. We also handle many worker’s compensation cases that are appealed to Common Pleas Court.

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